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Spoken retro 2

Posted in Beer, Bikes, Epics, General, Riding, Roadtrips by brettok on May 1, 2010


Here is the second of my “I’m too busy to put up a new post so here’s a story from SPOKE” posts.  This one celebrates the friendship forged by mountain biking between me and my great mate Steve, AKA El Ganso.  



On The Road, Part 2; No place like home.

Posted in Beer, Bikes, General, MTB, Riding, Roadtrips by brettok on March 26, 2010

After too few days in Wellington to show the boys what it’s all about, we were up at the crack of dawn to load ourselves into a different wagon, with a different driver, to hit the trails on a different island.  We’d been looking forward to the South, and like Rod Stewart, we were sailing. (more…)

On the road, Part 1; the North.

Posted in Beats, Beer, Bikes, Epics, General, MTB, Riding, Roadtrips by brettok on March 18, 2010

This was it.  What I was looking forward to after Karapoti, which was more a case of “just get it over with”.  Getting on the road, with good mates and great riding, for the fun of it.  And of course a little concert to kick it all off.   (more…)