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Why I can’t leave (1)

Posted in Beer, Bikes, General, MTB, Riding by brettok on June 16, 2010

There are plenty of great things about my adopted city of Wellington.  Sure, it’s windy.  Yep, it rains a bit in winter (that’s what is supposed to happen in winter, yeah?).  But those things just don’t bother me.  It’s just weather.  Everything else about this place cancels out those two minor foibles.  The main reason I feel I can’t leave is the riding.  The mountain biking is just too good to give up.  The trails in this video are my ‘locals’.  The ones I ride more than any others.  Not a bad place to go for a ride.  Check out Caleb’s helmet cam work from Makara Peak  by clicking the photo, and view other Welly trails on SPOKE’s Vimeo channel.


Kitted out

Posted in General, Kit, Road by brettok on June 2, 2010

As I said last post, I’m going to be putting more of my limited blogging time into the Velominati site, and this one will be used for my own updates for rides, trips, anything that may happen that I deem interesting enough to post (don’t hold your breath, it’s winter and things are quietening down a bit, though the road bike is getting more attention).

Velominati is going off, our ‘The Rules’ page has spurned a whole new cult of loyalists, calling themselves the Cognoscenti (well, I came up with it, they have adopted it with all the vigour and blind faith of any good sub-sect).  

And our mad genius founder, Frank, has overseen the conception and fruition of our very own riding kit.  It is sweet Castelli gear, and mine arrived this week.  It looks awesome (pity I underestimated my gut and need bigger bibs).  Here it is in all its glory.


Also, an old friend has been resurrected, revived, raised from the dead if you will.  The Scared Shiftless Singlespeed Society blog got a much-needed injection of life with a cool post from my friend Rachel about her Roller Derby Girls team assault on the Wainui 6 hour race.  On singlespeeds of course…  read about their muddy adventures here.

Stay warm, ride on.