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Posted in Beats, Beer, Bikes, General, MTB, Riding, Road by brettok on May 23, 2010

Well, it’s been a bit quiet on the old blog front lately.  Not that I’ve been idle, that’s why I’ve had no time to put up anything interesting.  Or otherwise.  So here’s a bit of a hotch-potch of the stuff that’s been going on in the last few weeks.

I’ve been getting a lot of writing to do for SPOKE, Freewheel, Enduro, Ground Effect and AMB.  For SPOKE it’s been the usual Spoken article, a feature on my road trip with Ross and the boys, a review of some sweet new Ay-Up lights, and a shitload of products to blurb on.  And I’ll be concentrating on posting a lot more over at Velominati, it’s really taking off for us and we’re building a strong and loyal following.  It gives me a bit more of a creative outlet too, but I’ll keep this blog going for my daily goings on (reported weekly or monthly I concede!)

For Freewheel and Enduro in Aussie, I’ve written a feature on my favourite trails in Wellington, plus a review of some cool Ground Effect winter clothing.  And with the weather getting cooler after a sterling effort from it to prolong Autumn, it’s been getting good use on the trails and on the commute.  The Submerino is my new favourite piece of riding clothing.

Ground Effect themselves also asked for some copy to use in their catalogue and advertisements, which will also get a second life in SPOKE.  

On the bike front, my Stumpy has undergone a few tweaks.  I swapped out the lower legs on my Float fork for 15QR thru-axle jobs, and of course a new hub was required to be laced into my wheel to accommodate it.  The benefits of the beefier front end were instantly noticeable, and while we had the fork apart we bumped up the travel from 130mm to 140.  A shorter 80mm stem has helped transform the handling of the bike too, and it has helped me to rail the downhills with a lot more control and confidence. I still love the Stumpy, but there could be something different in the near future if things work out.  Either one of these, or possibly this.

We’ve been getting out for a night ride once a week, and we had a great night on my birthday with a beer at the summit of Makara Peak before a somewhat skill-impaired ride back down.  Rachel took a good spill on Starfish but she blamed it on the greasy surface rather than say a bad word about Coopers Sparkling Ale.

The Ay-Ups are awesome lights, and it doesn’t hurt that I get to keep em too, and can pick up a bit of cash for my trusty (and probably still a little brighter) HID’s.  The amount of bits and pieces in the Ay-Up kit is staggering.  Top value lights.

I checked out the new trails over at Miramar last week, taking advantage of the beautiful weather and soaking up the views back to the city.  The trails are pretty cool too, and when they get a few more in will be a good addition to the myriad of amazing stuff we have here already.  It really is hard to tear myself away from this mountain biker’s paradise, even when the weather turns nasty and thoughts turn to family and friends in warmer climes.  Yep, riding really does dictate my life…


The road bike has been getting a bit more use too, even though I’ve managed to avoid Ratas’ 6am Bay rides successfully so far.  Of course, I can’t resist tampering with bar tape/saddle combos, and at present I’m breaking a few rules with white tape/black saddle.  I also got to be a total wanker and ride around the Bays on the shops demo Zipp 808/404 wheels… they are freakin fast I tells ya! (Although the red/yellow demo graphics suck.)

It’s been hectic on the social front lately, with Friday beers, birthdays for me and Rich, featuring a hotly contested bout of go-karting (awesome fun) and followed it up by seeing a cool local funk band, The Aviators at the Southern Cross.  Good times, except for the hangovers.


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