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On the road, Epilogue; On the road!

Posted in General, Riding, Road by brettok on March 29, 2010

When you’re travelling with an avowed road ride hater, the mention of a desire to roll on skinnies can be met with a less than enthusiastic response, to say the least.  

While in the second week of our road trip, I expressed such a desire to get on the road bike when I returned to Wellington.  Of course, Ross didn’t/couldn’t/wouldn’t endorse that idea one little bit.

But I wanted to experience the sweet buzz of 120psi on tarmac, to be able to keep the heart rate at non cardiac arrest levels, and to not have to be perched on the tip of my saddle spinning a granny gear while trying to maintain the last vestige of traction available on some stupidly steep mega climb.  I love all that stuff, but I wanted more.  I wanted less.

And when the views are as good as the ones I got this morning, who’s to argue that the road is awesome?  The sun shining, the harbour and bays calm and glassy, the most gentle of breezes giving just the slightest hint of an impending winter, yet still warm enough to not require any extraneous clothing, even prompting a sweat to break.

Yep, ‘road bike season’ is almost here, the booties, jacket and knee warmers are at the ready, but hopefully won’t be required for a little while yet.


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  1. magnus said, on May 4, 2010 at 12:43 AM

    Brett, back on the road bike again as well, and I fully understand you, and the article. Managed to crack the 150 mark yesterday, and the next one is gonna be the 200k mark. Will keep you posted (o:

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