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Posted in General, Racing, Riding by brettok on February 8, 2010

With Karapoti only a month away, a trip to the Akatarawas was slated for a sunny Sunday.  Believe me, sunny and the Akas are usually mutually exclusive, so any chance of a dry pre-run of the course is welcome.  Marjolein, Rigid, Mikey and myself made the pilgrimage.

It’s never a fun ride this one, and if you were discussing where to go on the weekend to rail some nice singletrack, Karapoti wouldn’t get a look in.  It’s like banging your head against a brick wall;  it feels good when you stop.  The first two climbs, tip-of-the-saddle granny gear affairs, had me thinking “fuck this, I’m not gonna bother to race this crap again”.  Once they are out of the way, and the rolling section across the top to the Rock Garden is done, things seem not too bad (until you get to Dopers, another mother of a climb at the end).

Marj rode this section of the Rock Garden after I’d told her I had, and Mike and Rigid had chosen to walk/slide/crawl.  She promptly turned around and nailed it like a champ.  Then it was onto the dreaded Devils Staircase, and this time the internal dialogue in my head was telling me to do some running training.  Even though the trail conditions were considered ‘dry’, there’s always a heap of bogs along this section, and gears become grinding, noisy and crunchy without fail.  But there’s no way I’m stopping to lube my chain this year…

We got around in under 3 hours of actual riding time from the top carpark, and I tested my 36-11 high gear on the road back to the finish to see if it’ll be adequate on race day.  It bodes well for all of us to have a good race, get under the 3 hours, and, like Ratas has vowed, never return to the place again.

See here for Mikeys Map My Ride data thingy…


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  1. Frank said, on February 25, 2010 at 8:30 AM

    Wow, dude. That looks fuckin’ incredible. One day…

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