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Light hands make bike work

Posted in General, Riding by brettok on January 24, 2010

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Ah, I’ve been called worse.

I certainly picked up a few good pointers from Carl a.k.a. God last Wednesday, when Rich and I were invited along to an MTB Skills clinic.  We were joined by a couple of our customers, Anthony and Andrew at Makara on a glorious, warm afternoon (one of four in a row, the best week of weather all summer). 

Carl demonstrates a golden rule:  Don’t lose your head.

Even though Rich and I have been riding for over 200 dog years each, we both came away with some new-found (Newfoundland?) confidence and plenty more cornering ability in particular for myself.  We put them to good use coming down SWIGG and Starfish on dusk, but no amount of  skills can compensate for lack of light and vision.

These clinics are a great way to improve the riding of any mountain biker, experienced or otherwise, old dog or pup.  If only they could teach me how to ride up the Tip Track and actually enjoy it…


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