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Return of the prodigal sun

Posted in General, Riding by brettok on December 8, 2009

Monday felt like a real summers day.  And I have the sunburn to prove it.  

After a week of bad weather, bad cough, bad mood and subsequent no riding, the skies, temperature and spirit lifted with a ride around to the old Pencarrow lighthouse.     

It’s another of Wellington’s undiscovered-by-me-until-now wonders.  Little rocky beaches, cliffs, farmland, hills, mountains, lakes, wetlands, I felt far removed from the city and life within it, even if it looked only spitting distance to Breaker Bay from the disused white beacon.     

What I thought would be a nice flat trundle around the swamps, soon turned into a uphill slog, pushing the Tricross and vaguely remembering what a hot Australian day felt like, despite the lack of the extra fifteen degrees and snakes of course.

Watch that last step, it’s a doozy!  They once led to the old school, where a widowed English woman taught and raised two children while tending to not letting ships run into her rockery.  She understandably got jack of that, and dragged the kids back to the motherland, before they were drawn back to Wellington, and the lighthouse, years later.  Ah, the romance of the sea…

A great day, and a great way, to get back on the a bike, work on the tan lines skin cancer and spin the legs easily push a singlespeed up steep hills while holding on for dear life on the downside.  Perfect, I’ll take it.


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