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More cowbell

Posted in General, Racing by brettok on November 16, 2009


I wondered what the two BMX forks and screwdrivers in Josh’s bag could possibly be for…

What else?  Pro-level heckling at the last round of the PNP series at Makara, of course!  


Tony the Tiger, in his last ride for Rocket before he joins the On Yer Bike team, gets the good news up Snakecharmer.  He’d wrapped up the series in Masters 1, and stepped up to Pro/Elite for a humbling from Big Ghey Al, resulting in a bike wash and no doubt endless verbal torment.


Ratas.  The man.  Took the race and the series in emphatic style for the second year.  Here he puts a move on Geoff (on his bling new Niner SS) early in the race.  We could hear Ratas yelling overtaking instructions before they came into sight.  The self-styled Boss of the M2 peloton was stoked on his ride, describing it over a couple of beers as his best ever.


“Allez, Allez, you’re an animal…”   


Juno, official race dog of the OYB crew, was doing it tough, what with all the pats he had to endure.


Marjolein’s bounty.  Her title in Senior women was locked in before the race, and put a lot of the fast women on notice that she will be hard to beat in the big races.  Disappointing effort on the podium though, would’ve liked to have seen a bubbly shower for the crowd.  Not Pro, Marj….
P1070206_2The man who puts the ‘bush’ in the Bushlove crew, Ricky compensates for the half-a-fork with stupidly oversized wheels, and shows the over-50’s how it’s done.



Stu needed to beat Ed for the Pro/Elite title, but didn’t have the legs after giving it all for OYB at the 12 hour last week.


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