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Celestial reading

Posted in General by brettok on October 22, 2009


While I’ve been busy writing words for magazines the last week or two, and neglecting the blog side of things, I still managed to get my intake of words and photos in all their beatific glory.  Hell?  I beg to differ.

Then again, I’ve never had to endure the hell that the stars of these pages have.  And their suffering, both physical and mental, and their relief, joy if they’ve won, at the end of the greatest cycling race ever concocted by some sick mind, is laid bare in the most voluptuary way.  It’s simply beautiful.



Black and white images intermingle with vivid colour, each punctuated with their own tale, a small aria of a much bigger opera, set on a stage of stone.



Even the stitched binding that holds the heavy paper together has an effect on my psyche that most would raise an eyebrow to.  



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