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100 into 30

Posted in Douchebags, Racing by brettok on October 3, 2009


Look at the apprehension and expectation on those faces.  It’s 7am and raining outside, with 100km’s of mountain bike racing ahead of us.  Or so we thought.

Things got better, for a little while, with the rain abating and the trails in fairly good condition.  Off we set on our journey, not knowing what the next six hours or so would bring.

Two hours later, we knew exactly.

We were back at the start/finish area, with 70-odd other disgruntled riders, thwarted by the devious acts of kids, or adults who are lacking in common sense and had moved course markers at crucial junctions.  I knew something was up when we were riding trails that had been at the very end of the race last year.

Dean, the organiser, offered his sincere apologies and the chance to re-join the race at the 60km feed zone, where the few riders who were still on the right track were due through.  But not until an hour or so after we arrived there, and by now our spirits were crushed and we decided to pull the pin.  

We weren’t alone in our decision, and many other riders took the refund option rather than the ride on one.

So we got more driving than riding done, maybe my cars’ odometer was trying to tell me something on the trip up…



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  1. K MAN said, on October 3, 2009 at 6:58 PM

    Now that is truly a Roady quick “hunge”

  2. […] Bikes, General, Racing by brettok on October 11, 2009 While our trip to Rotorua last week was a write-off, I did manage to see some cool bikes which got me thinking about my own bike’s set-up on the […]

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