More News From Nowhere


Posted in Bikes, General, Kit by brettok on October 25, 2009

…It’s the new 120.




Celestial reading

Posted in General by brettok on October 22, 2009


While I’ve been busy writing words for magazines the last week or two, and neglecting the blog side of things, I still managed to get my intake of words and photos in all their beatific glory.  Hell?  I beg to differ.


Missing teeth / Mt Vic mudfest

Posted in Bikes, General, Racing by brettok on October 11, 2009

While our trip to Rotorua last week was a write-off, I did manage to see some cool bikes which got me thinking about my own bike’s set-up on the return trip (which could’ve really put a snowy damper on the weekend if we were a few hours later.)

P1060691 (more…)

Come on Spring…

Posted in Beats, General by brettok on October 8, 2009

Isn’t it supposed to be Spring?  More like Winter here the last couple of days.  So when the voice in my head was wondering just where Spring was, it suggested a dose of classic Aussie pop to evoke the sun and good times.


100 into 30

Posted in Douchebags, Racing by brettok on October 3, 2009


Look at the apprehension and expectation on those faces.  It’s 7am and raining outside, with 100km’s of mountain bike racing ahead of us.  Or so we thought. (more…)


Posted in Beats, Beer, General, Racing by brettok on October 1, 2009

Epic.  epicaleWhat a great word.  

Some epic events are in the pipeline.

A race of epic proportions is on again this weekend, and Mike, Josh and I will be fighting for survival in the Redwoods.  The Whaka 100 was 6 hours of mountain bike heaven and hell for Ratas and myself last year, and I can’t see it being much different this time around.  

It’s only fitting that we should drink some Epic Pale Ale after the race, don’t you think?  Well, I do.  

It’s going to be an epic month of music next February/March too. Ending a road trip with the Pixies in Auckland is epic in itself, but starting it with Faith No More in Wellington a month before, well that’s just the icing on the cake. Or the head on the beer.